C&L Design Consultation Our landscape designers are experts in custom residential design. Our designers can adeptly incorporate a full range of landscape design materials

, such as plants, pavers, water features and garden structures to create a unique, natural and functional outdoor space according to the client’s wishes. A top priority of the company is the importance of a close working relationship between the designer and the C&L owners who supervise all construction. Our clients benefit because of the close work between the designer and construction crews through greater cost efficiency and a high quality product.

The design and proposal process begins when one of our designers or Chad follows up with an interested client to setup an appointment to meet with them at the project site. First and foremost, we are there to listen to you, to find out what ideas you have for your property and to offer our initial expertise to the project. During the initial meeting, which usually takes about an hour, C&L will discuss the desired range of budget our clients are looking to invest in their landscape project. While meeting with you we perform a thorough site evaluation; taking photos, notes and measurements. Based on the information gathered and on the clients’ wishes for their property, we will work to establish some preliminary concepts with the client.
In the one to two week period following the initial meeting, C&L will put together a Landscape Proposal and Design Plan that includes:

  • A Conceptual Design Drawing
  • Our Company Profile
  • Insurance, Licenses & Reference Page
  • Your Landscape Proposal in Contract Form
  • The C&L Guarantee of Quality
  • Additional Information Applicable to Products Specified

The cost for preparing the Landscape Proposal and Design Plan varies from $50.00 to $600.00, depending on the extent of the project. After it has been completed, a second meeting will be arranged, to go over the plan and all sections of the proposal in detail. The information that we prepare and review with the client at this meeting enables them to make informed decisions based on complete and accurate information.

After the conceptual design and landscape construction contract are approved by the client, the C&L designer and construction foreman work closely together to implement every detail of the project including grading, drainage, hardscape, irrigation, planting and lighting to provide maximum value and quality to our clients.