The core business of C&L Outdoor is installation of hardscapes and this is what we do the best. Whether it is a retaining wall using boulders, modular block, Chilton stone, etc, C&L Outdoor can custom design any hardscape for your property. Today’s walls swoop, curve, and sculpt your property in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. C&L is at the forefront of creating usable, livable space out of sloped, hilly or sharply graded property.

Hardscape also refers to the use of: outcropping stones, flagstone, Eden custom stones Chilton stone and any other hard surface material. C&L Outdoor can use its expertise to utilize this type of product into your Landscape.

Paver patios, driveways and walks are beautiful, durable and maintenance-free. Our specialty is to implement a pattern, color and design that beautifies your property. Our training Guarantees the construction and integrity of our product.